Art Direction / Branding / Social Media / Animation

One of the main highlights of the World Bank’s Governance team during the year is International Anticorruption Day. To commemorate this day, the Governance team wanted to highlight all of its work on anticorruption through various multimedia. The campaign led to trending on Twitter/X using the hashtag, #UnitedAgainstCorruption.

Social media graphics, Trello board, website.
Anticorruption is a very broad topic, encompassing many themes and stories, often varying within the regions. As the art director and designer, I needed to have a design system that would make the cards look the same across different multimedia types (blogs, video, publications, etc). The branding would also need to be broad for its global target audience and for the topic of anticorruption. The blue hues reference the World Bank’s own branding. The use of a gradient is to fill empty space, creating the sense of innovation and a better future.

Instagram Stories featuring different multimedia content (blog, video, publication).

Cards for Twitter/X.

Posts for Instagram.

Trello board for distributing digital assets to other World Bank teams and external partners.