Art Direction / Branding / Marketing / Social Media / Package / Merchandise
Bunnago is a coffee shop specializing in takeaway Ethiopian coffee. The logo features a jebena, the pottery traditionally used in Ethiopia to serve coffee. “Buna” means “coffee” in Amharic, combined with the word, “go”.
Ethiopian coffee brands often repeat the same kind of branding, color palette and imagery (blacks, browns, and lions). As brand designer for Bunnago, the challenge was to avoid cliché design, while reflecting Ethiopian culture, society, and tradition in a fun way.
Drawing inspiration from the colorful buildings and floral taste notes of coffee in Ethiopia, bold, fun and vibrant colors were used in the design. Bunnago’s visual identity invites its customers to experience the essence of Ethiopian culture and coffee in a new and fun way, whether it’s on-the-go or dining in.

Each coffee flavor features a bold brand color, while the bags with patterns are seasonal/limited edition flavors.